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Για τους φίλους των κόμικς, PhDούχους που προσπαθούν να ξεχάσουν, διδακτορικούς φοιτητές που προσπαθούν να τελειώσουν και αυτούς που ακόμα δεν άρχισαν… (thanx στον φίλο που μου έστειλε (πάλι) το link)


Palm Foleo



…Foleo’s price at launch will be $499, and it should be on the market by mid-summer.
…But, whether planned or not, Hawkins may have actually hit on a more powerful mobile-computing idea.
Since this is a small, lightweight Linux computer, it could eventually become a new stand-alone portable-computing platform that the Linux or open-source crowd embraces.
Imagine what could happen if the open-source movement decides to start building software applications for this platform.
I think it is plausible that Foleo will become the darling of this movement and help get Linux into the mainstream mobile marketplace, perhaps even challenging the dominance of the Windows portable computers…[FoxNews]

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