My Linux Wishlist for 2007

During 2006 I decided to move to linux. I had tried the big step some years ago, but things were not so easy those days. Since 2000 I’ve always had a linux partition on my disk, but always had to reboot in windows for various reasons. Today, distros like Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse have made the transition easier than ever. I really feel that hardware support for linux and professional software availability is better than ever. Games availability has also become better, thanks to Cedega and new native games. Since I’m a software engineer, I should mention the Eclipse IDE that tempted major software vendors, like IBM (Rational) and Borland, to develop on eclipse platform, making their products available to the linux community. Crossplatform Java Software like the Netbeans IDE has also improved dramatically. So, almost all of my wishes for 2006 have been met.
What I want for 2007:

  • Macromedia(Adobe) Dreamweaver for linux
  • Better Open Office – MS Office compatibility
  • Google Talk for linux and Video Calls support from Skype
  • Native support for popular games

The list is incomplete, but I cannot think something else right now. Maybe it’s too late,… or I don’t really miss much from my Windows life.


3 thoughts on “My Linux Wishlist for 2007

  1. What if Microsoft were to release a Linux version of Office so we don’t have to wish and pray so hard for the reverse engineering folks at

    OK, I know… back to blogging about Oracle

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