The following have been tested on an iBook G4 running ubuntu edgy.

  1. How to emulate left and right mouse button with with left and right apple keys
  2. How to setup your wireless card driver and connection
  3. How to install java

…to be continued

edit(23/2/2008): Check Issue 9 of Full Circle Magazine


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  1. Bennie says:


    I’ve tried to install java using the guide here. But when I run the make-jpkg command I get this:

    $ make-jpkg IBMJava2-SDK-1.4.2-9.0.ppc.tgz
    Creating temporary directory: /tmp/make-jpkg.LUBlTK6060
    Loading plugins:

    Detected Debian build architecture: powerpc
    Detected Debian GNU type: powerpc-linux-gnu

    No matching plugin was found.
    Removing temporary directory: done

    No .deb file is created
    Have you got any ideas how to make this work?

  2. ryan says:


    I get the same thing…. hopefully someone finds out how to do this.

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