Installing HP LaserJet 1018 in Ubuntu

The process was really easy. So I won’t provide more details(it’s a lazy blog anyway), just the screenshots.

edit: You can skip the first two steps in Ubuntu feisty (You don’t need automatix).

  1. 1018-1.png Automatix2 provides one click install of the foo2zjs driver
  2. 1018-2.png Done
  3. 1018-3.png Let’s add the new printer
  4. 1018-4.png The printer is detected successfully
  5. 1018-51.png The new driver is suggested
  6. 1018-6.png Let’s name the printer πŸ™‚
  7. 1018-7.png Now the test page
  8. 1018-8.png Done πŸ˜›

Thanx papo πŸ˜€


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