Free Sudoku Puzzle Solver for your Mobile


Organizing my files before a backup look what I found. A J2ME Sudoku game I had started (and abandoned) about a year ago. It’s not the best sudoku game you can find but it has some nice features:

  • A puzzle solver
  • A sudoku editor

So you when you are stuck with a sudoku puzzle from your favorite magazine, your mobile can solve it for you:P

Unfortunately only 3 puzzles are included (an easy one, a medium and a hard one) and there is no fancy algorithm generating new puzzles(I think that’s why I abandoned the idea)

You can Download it from here. Unzip it and transfer the .jad and .jar files in your mobile. Browse to the .jad file using your mobile and install it. Enjoy.

It has been tested only on Sony Ericsson K750 (so I need your feedback).

(The source code is available here. Feel free to change it. I’ll appreciate your feedback!)


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